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July 23, 2008

Obama’s stance on abortion

So what would an Obama presidency look like? He has stated that as president he would sign the Freedom of Choice Act into law. What would FOCA do? It would sweep away hundreds of state laws that protect women, parents, children, and health-care workers, while forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for millions of abortions.

It would overturn commonsense laws like parental notification, conscience protections, abortion waiting periods, informed consent, and regulations for women’s health.

Even more alarming, Sen. Obama, as an Illinois state senator, supported the partial birth abortion procedure and opposed Born Alive legislation that would have protected those who survived abortion.

On the Illinois Senate floor, Obama was the only senator to speak against the Born Alive legislation, refusing even to concede that these babies, fully outside their mother’s wombs, with beating hearts and heaving lungs, were in fact “persons.” A federal Born Alive Infants Protection Act was approved by unanimous consent in the U.S. Senate six years ago.

Honestly, Americans, are these examples of a broken moral compass the kind of “change” we want to install in the White House?

Glenn Gordon



Face up to it. Your question had nothing to do with the statements of Obama's positions in this area. Do you support Obama's positions as given? As to your question does contraception equal abortion, it is my opinion is that it does not.


People are Dumb,

I can't figure out why Obama would hold such a position, as it seems to be WAY out in left field. Seriously, if the kid is breathing on his own, what would make any sane person think it's still a "fetus" and that it's okay to "terminate life".

But you're right, Obama staked out his position and to this point is standing by it. Good for him, that's one check in the "principles before votes" column.


If you didn't want to answer the question, you should've just said so, instead of trying to pigeonhole me into your characterization of my position.

So, again: do you agree that equating contraception with abortion is illogical or not?


Am I to infer that your fine with killing a child that is outside of the mother's body and function on its own?

Stifled Freedom

At least we know where Obama stands. I cant tell you where McCain will land on this....once elected.

Stifled Freedom

I wonder if this FOCA will including anything to address a man's free rights to sexual freedom?



So am I to infer from that that you agree with Marctnts and I that equating contraception with abortion is illogical?


"It also seems illogical to believe that there is nothing wrong with killing a child that is outside of the mother's body and function on its own."



It seems illogical to equate preventing conception through the use of contraception to abortion.

It also seems illogical to believe that there is nothing wrong with killing a child that is outside of the mother's body and function on its own.


The "stretch" would be saying that contraception = abortion, KC Star.

But I've always been more of an X-Men kind of guy, myself.


Quite a stretch there Jim. Your like that guy from the fantastic four.


Last week we learned that the Bush Administration is trying to redefine abortion in very loose and vague ways that could possibly include contraception, thus allowing them to deny HHS funding based on this new definition.

Gee, up until now, I had always thought that the pro-life movement was a totally sincere effort to reduce the incidence of abortions by any means necessary. This makes it look like their convictions about the metaphysical status of the fetus are really just of a piece with a whole set of reactionary attitudes about women's sexuality and gender roles.

But Obama's the radical. Riiiight.

Quad Kings

Obama has no moral compass. He says and does whatever he thinks will get him elected. Supporting partial-birth abortions and killing survivors of abortions is ghastly barbarism. McCain has his share of warts, but he is FAR better than Obama, the liar who talks out of both sides of his mouth. Every registered voter should see these videos:





One big flop: "A congregation with a non-negotiable COMMITMENT TO AFRICA." -
"A congregation committed to the HISTORICAL EDUCATION OF AFRICAN PEOPLE IN DIASPORA." http://www.tucc.org/about.htm
Oh yea, after 20 years in the church he had no idea.
I am kind of looking for a president committed to America.


I dont think McCain was ever for Born Alive legislation. 'nough said. I don't think Obama's views here are in the mainstream.


Does anyone know what McCains position on this is? Do we believe the one he used to have, or the one he has now?

Oh, sorry, I forgot, McCain doesn't "flip-flop" because you agree with his "opinion" this week. Apparently, as long as the base agrees with the current position, he has changed position because a burning bush (or maybe just a lame duck bush) has shown him the light.

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