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July 10, 2008

Oil and the war in Iraq

Two weeks ago, most news sources mentioned that four international oil companies (not American) are being awarded no-bid contracts to receive oil produced from Iraq (6/20, Business, “Iraq prepares to tie up deals with oil companies”). There was almost no more media discussion on the topic, but this was one of the major news releases of the year.

According to disillusioned White House insiders, this is what Dick Cheney has been working on since before the Iraq invasion. This is the reason for the invasion of Iraq, the deaths and serious injuries of tens of thousands of American soldiers, the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths and the total devastation of Iraq. Not to mention the financial costs to the American taxpayer. And no one seems to care or to be outraged.

Life must be great out there in America to ignore such examples of criminal activity from a renegade administration. Are you numb or just don’t care anymore?

Paul Yeager



Meanwhile, they are about wrapped up with Phase II of the $300M wind farm project at Bridger Butte. So much for Obama saying nothing has been done on renewable energy. There are two more phases and a new porject in Rock Springs,WY coming up not to mention the numerous billions of dollars in projects going forward this year and beyond.
Maybe no one should be allowed to bid on the projects. That would be the fairest way huh.


The original Iraq Petroleum Company (lasting from WW1 until 1971) was owned by Royal Dutch Shell, the Anglo Persian Oil Company (BP), the Near East Development Corporation (Exxon-Mobil, ARCO, Chevron), and CFP (Total).

The five multi-national supermajors mentioned in the article: Royal Dutch Shell, BP, ExxonMobil, Chevron, and Total.


Iraqi oil was originally intended to be held in reserve (delayed production) while the supermajors developed their other fields elsewhere in the middle of the last century.

If you don't see what's wrong with Ray Hunt and Dubya's little business arrangements .... you're a good Republican.


Engineer is correct. No bid contracts not as much of a vehicle for cronyism as they are a supposed vehicle for efficiency because the recipients are often in a position to act in a expedious fashion.

Also note that 3 of the 5 oil companies mentioned in the article tht are working with the Iraqi government on this are not US oil producers (France, Netherlands and the UK).


And just what is illegal or corrupt about what Ray Hunt did? Paul Yeager is obviously from the "Off the Wall Far Left Fringe". He makes charges that surely even he knows are lies. There are many reasons for "No Bid" contracts. Many businesses use them for a number of reasons, including efficiency and controllability. I, for one, am completely convinced that if there were any violations of law, or even a good story, to be found a Congressional "Oversight:" committee would have been all over the matter.


Yeah and Al Gore's lawyer cronies "billing" the taxpayer $1,000 an hour for suing tobacco was equally as corrupt.
I agree there is corruption but it is not from prices of gas at the pump anymore than Nike is price gouging charging $129 for a pair of sneakers that cost $1.28 to make.


The first American oil company to return to Iraq, since Saddam kicked them out 30 some years ago, was Hunt Oil.

Ray Hunt went around the Baghdad national government and struck his own oil deal with the Kurds.

Ray Hunt found a nice spot on Bush's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board after 9-11.

Ray Hunt is funding the biggest part of Dubya's presidential library in Dallas.

The corruption rife through this whole mess will make a good Oliver Stone movie some day. I'm tickled to see some of the usual idiots have shown up here to defend the emperor.


Anything with Feinstein attached is bogus.
I work with many Union, Pro-Democrat contractors that are no bidding work simply because they can not compete due to labor costs or because they are only scoping larger projects. One of the major power contractors and engineering firms is not bidding ANY coal fired projects for new units that are under 500Mw. This is a union company. So what you are saying is if a union contractor no bids, no one should be able to bid? SOunds a bit commie to me.
No, we are not in Iraq to take their oil, if we wanted their oil, we could just easily yank it from them, which IMO we should do since we have afforded them so much welfare.

Pub 17

¿¿¿So...we're in Iraq to control their electriciy???



Really no bid is just a problem if a republican benefits, isn't it?

Pub 17

The radio in my 1973 F-150 is broken, I can't listen to Pilinodal Cyst Boy, and I need an expert to tell me why no-bid contracts are a good thing. What does the Moob with Teeth have to say about no-bid contracts, Rouge?


The BDS rays must have gotten under the Pube's helmet as well...what a nimrod....

Pub 17

Thank you all for your incisive comments. Oh, BTW, don't stumble over the word "no-bid" sitting there in the doorway like a big steaming pile of Fresno.

Where were you guys when I was selling used beaters in Wichita? All I ever got was CPAs with copies of Consumer Reports under their arms.


Paul's tin foil protective helmet must be askew again. The BDS rays are getting in.


The same reason Rogue, they think some Harvard lawyer with 143 days of experience ( and he has been absent about 1/3 of those days) can simply step in and change the world to a Eutopia.
Why people think government and other are entitled to your earnings is beyond many of us.
He's going to give us change alright, jingle jingle !


What a total moron, and, of course, the "Hammer and Sickle" sees fit to print his drivel.


So you are saying that Iraq should not produce oil? Why did LBJ put us deep into Vietnam?

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