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July 23, 2008

Parenthood pinches retirement

The paper tells me retirees are still not saving enough (7/17, A-1, “.‘Near retirees’ warned of need to be frugal; About 75% of those 58 to 65 will outlive their savings unless they live leaner now, a study says”). I’m retired. I didn’t save enough, but it’s my own fault.

I spent most of my money on an expensive hobby. I raised children.

Joanne Soraya
Platte City




Your ability to politicize today's non-political letters amazes me.


jack - your letting your true colors out.


Doesn't count. You owed it to your children. Besides that, if you weren't a stupid, lazy, socialist, just wanting to steal NoMo's money, you'd shut up and eat your dog food.

Die quietly please. You are inconvenient to the far right.

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