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July 10, 2008

Parents, careful what you blog

While blogs and community forums are a great way to mingle and share ideas with others, they’re also a great way to attract the attention of some pretty bad people.

One example is the Mom2Mom setup on The Star’s Web site. While it is a great thing to be able to chat with other mothers about recent family happenings, users tend to leave behind little personal facts about their kids in some of their posts like the child’s name, age, appearance, school, siblings, friends and the like. Even though these bits of info are often spread out like breadcrumbs one has accidentally spilt while eating, it can be enough to lead predator your way. If someone really wants to hunt a child, they’ll find a way.

While no parent wants harm to come to their children, they may be the one throwing bones to the very people they fear without even knowing it. But it’s not just limited to one site or one post. Everything you place in a public forum is almost instantly accessible.

Vigilance is the simplest answer. Users should take the time to screen their posts for telling information.

Joyce Todorovich



mike d you are exactly on target. Married fathers can shop for bargains, have some financial controls/restarints/discipline, unmarried or divorced fathers have ZERO say in how THEIR money is spent. Missouri has a horrid system as well. Adding both parents incomes and using a "factor". Basically it is a way to hide alimony which is taxable income for the woman inside the CS.
The pathetic part is DCSE in MO is guilty as sin for committing fraud, admittedly they simply say the make mistakes but so what? Once they take your money, you will never get it back. I have reviewed over 38 cases where this was the scenario, each time the judge simply noted too bad so sad eventhough the money was wrongfully taken.
It's some real slimy thug justice, if you wanna call it that. Like in my case, the kids aren't even mine and I have over paid by $7112 plus interest they should have to pay me. I will never see that money again.
Any decent lawyer that MIGHT get some resolve wants a min. $3500 retainer plus 300-400 an hour. I have spent thousands already and each time the CP refused to be served and the court simply dismisses the case, zero accountability by the 16th Circuit. Nothign but a bunch of azzclown lawyers lining their pockets. [EDITED BY MODERATOR]


Great, another Star blog for Rogue/Jeetzwillager to go spout his America-hating drivel.

mike d

Because dads are just a paycheck.


Have you noticed Dads pretty much get kicked to the curb. No mention from Michelle Obama about making life easier for dads just moms. Why so much devaluing of fathers?

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