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July 29, 2008

Plaza risky for pedestrians

Ditto to Pat Scaletty (7/10, Letters, “Speedway on the Plaza). My husband and I take our morning walk on the Plaza, and it is becoming a dangerous adventure.

Besides carefully stepping around the dog waste, we experienced a scary incident on the corner of 47th Street and Broadway. A woman jogger was standing at the corner waiting for her turn to cross the street. We walked up beside her as a black car with a female driver and a small child in the front seat pulled up through the crosswalk in front of us.

When our light turned green (which is supposed to be safe for pedestrians) the female jogger stepped off the curb. The driver of the car (who was looking to her left and moving forward to make a right turn) turned into the jogger who started waving her arms and calling out for the driver to stop. When the car stopped short of hitting the jogger, the driver started laughing as we crossed the street and yelled something at us. I only wish I had gotten her license number.

What kind of lesson is that to teach a child?

Violet Huey
Kansas City



The best advice to give a child is "Never play cards with a man named after a city".

What would Violet have done with the plate number?

T. Hanson

"Always watch the other guy, and never trust anyone."

Sounds like great advice for a kid IMO.

T. Hanson

"To always watch the other guy, and trust no one."

In fact I think that is the best advice you can teach a kid.

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