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July 14, 2008

Support for Medicare bill

Recently, the U.S. Senate and House worked to pass legislation that would assure that severe payment cuts to physicians would be reversed. This would enable physicians to continue to see their current patients and allow them to take new Medicare patients as they turn 65. Another benefit to this bill: Medicare patients could be assured access to their community pharmacies, of which I represent close to 200 in Missouri.

While the House moved quickly to pass this Medicare bill, the U.S. Senate stalled due to political posturing between the two parties. I thank Sen. Claire McCaskill for voting in favor of this bill. But Sen. Kit Bond, wanting to vote along party lines, voted against it. I hope he will remember to support his constituents and their physicians and local pharmacies during his recent return to Washington. Not only is the health of our citizens at stake, but the health of our local economies is as well.

Dale E. Smith
Director of TriNet third party services, PBA Health
Kansas City



Check with whispering. He will straighten you out re your misplaced concern.


Maybe we could go back to the old and worthless eating dog food and dieing of carbon monoxide poising because they tried to heat their hovels with charcoal.

Ahhhh, for the "good old days".

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