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July 13, 2008

Tearing up Grand Boulevard

Your article (7/9, Local, “New Grand Boulevard quickly not so grand”) on Grand Boulevard’s asphalt overlay being torn up after recent laying points out a significant lack of cooperation between the permits and public works department. To us this just shortens the life of the overlay by cutting it out. The replacement usually will not last as long.

Hope they get their act together so this does not occur again.

Dean and Ginny Trenter
Kansas City


Pub 17

The ongoing problem is that you have to pay to get enforcement. Even the most sensible rules don't enforce themselves, by and large. I wish KCMO the best in all their future endeavors, but they're in Missouri, where taxation is regarded with as much favor as child molestation and testicular cancer. Too bad, nice city, lived there a while, won't make that mistake again.

Oh. Coordinating several hundred projects with several thousand permits and updating them daily is something that a Vaterott College IT student could build in Excel, without cracking the VB module, in about a week.


Sorry Pub17.

That should be "typically" and "separate". Does that ease your mind?

My argument is not that KCMO shouldn't take care of basic services, my argument is that it is ridiculous to expect every public works project to be coordinated with every private construction project. Each, with its own set of schedules (which will almost always shift, sometimes daily)cannot be realistically coordinated with the other on a regular basis.

Good news, though. Since KCMO regulations require private contractors to repair the street to its previous condition and require a sizable fee to boot, KCMO will get an acceptable street AND a few dollars for the coffers.

Pub 17

Dammit, Marctnts, use your spellcheck...
JoCo seems to do OK, though, with a similarly-sized polity; someday Missourians may get over being mesmerized by politicians who promise lower and lower taxes, and don't worry about basic services. Probably not, though.


Nice letter, but ain't going to happen.

It is illogical to require the public works department to check every one of the their projects (which typicaly total several hundred at any one time) against every one of the private projects managed by the permits division (which typically total several thousand at any one time). It is logistically infeasible. Additionally, the coordination of two seperate construction schedules, which are constantly changing, would make the actual coordination of work almost impossible.

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