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July 02, 2008

They already paid for schools

The taxpayers in the area of the Kansas City School District that is to go to Independence paid taxes to have the school buildings in their community built in the first place (6/28, Local, “Tug of war is not over; A restraining order could delay the transfer of seven school buildings”).

These buildings belong to the people — the taxpayers — who live there. Now Kansas City wants to sell them to the residents who paid for them in the first place and are the true owners. The school board is given the use of them only to conduct public school.

It sounds strange that the people in the area should have to pay again for something they already paid for.

Charles Pike



Actually Anne, the Independence district gave seven of the nine buildings to KCMO during the last shift (free, no money paid). Independence has agreed to pay for the two buildings that KCMO has constructed since that time, even though Independence taxpayers in the district shared in the cost of their construction.

Seems rather straightforward to me. But then again, it seems that assuming ANY shred of intelligence on the part of KCMO is going to0 far.


I have been totally shocked by the actions of KCMO in this matter, which is hard considering the extremely low opinion of them that most of us hold. If the "pay us for the buildings" crap wasn't enough, they have now resorted to doing it all over again with a different entity, the KCMSD Building Corporation. I would imagine that any shred of respect or good will that ANYONE had for the district is gone by this point.

Here's my solution for what it's worth. Independence should take possession of the buildings Monday morning, and Independence police should be on hand to arrest anyone who tries to interfere. The state Board of Education should then tally all the costs associated with this fight (KCMO attorneys, Independence attorneys, delay costs, etc.) and should deduct that amount from the KC district's budget for the next ten years. The money would be given to the Independence district as compensation for the hassle.

That, or they should take state control of the district or disband it alltogether and start over. Either would work for me.


Mr. Pike,

ALL the residents of Kansas City paid for those schools and now ALL the residents of Independence should pay some compensation.


We are talking the KCMO school district here. What's reality got to do with anything?

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