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August 08, 2008

Boycotting Olympic games

I’m a former coach. Not a great coach mind you, but a coach. I understand the dedication, discipline and effort it takes for an Olympic-caliber athlete to reach the pinnacle of his or her sport. Even just getting to the Olympics is an extremely challenging task.

Politics shouldn’t be part of the games, but we live in a political world. I’m sure we’d like to think the ancient Greeks didn’t allow anything but sportsmanship at the Olympics, but the truth is that they were very political beings, and many Olympic decisions were probably strongly colored by politics as well.

China is a nation with great potential. The Chinese people I know and the people of China in general are good people, with good ethics, desires and many talents. But the government of China is despicable.

I am going to boycott the Olympics. If enough people boycott the Olympics, the ratings will drop and the Chinese will notice, because they are very concerned about perception.

I urge you to turn off the Olympics this year. Read a book, go outside and play with your kids, garden or walk the dog. Do anything but watch the Olympics.

Brian K. Kegerreis
Overland Park



No such thing as an "amatuer athlete" in the Olympics any more. Participation is way too expensive. The money has to come from somewhere.\

BTW: Every Olympics is politicized. 1980 US hockey team, anyone?


Olympic caliber athletes are technically supposed to be amatuers. Example, you can not be a professional, sanctioned boxer and "qualify" but you can be an NBA millionaire and "be allowed to participate.
The Olympics have become more of a popularity contest than anything else.


I'm a former coach too. Well, actually, an assistant coach. U-7 soccer.

Whoopee, doopee.

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