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August 12, 2008

Canadians feel welcome in KC

Three of us were in Kansas City recently for the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International conference. That Sunday evening, two of us were walking in the Plaza district looking for a restaurant. We had just spent the day traveling — doing the flight, connection and shuttle thing — and we were hungry.

We were standing on the corner, reading a map and a tourism brochure and trying to decide on a restaurant when a very nice young man, who had just passed us, turned around and asked if he could help us.

He took us on a walking tour of the Plaza, pointing out the different restaurants and shops, and gave us suggestions for dinner. He also provided us with a bit of history and some “must see” attractions.

After about 15 minutes he pointed us to a very nice restaurant and went on his way. We were impressed that this gentleman would take the time to help total strangers and to speak so proudly of Kansas City. What a wonderful introduction to your city.

Ron Lord and Laura Phillips
Guelph, Ontario, Canada



When I've been in Montreal on business trips I've found the people there very nice. Glad someone here took the time to be helpful to these visitors, but something tells me the guy was either unemployed or tipsy. Maybe both.

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