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August 27, 2008

Chinese gymnast scandal

It appears that an investigation is finally under way to seek more information on the age status of Olympics performers.

Some suggest that if performers do not meet specs, they should lose medals earned. That is bad thinking. On an individual basis these performers earned their medals and should keep them. However, team coaches and retinue should be penalized.

A very mild judgment would prevent the gymnastic team from performing at the next Olympics and any other international meet for five years. That would send a signal and take the onus away from individual performers who have little choice but to perform.

A stronger signal would be to prevent China from participating in the next Summer Olympics. But as we know, that smacks of politics and will never carry any weight to fruition.

Peter Babalian
Kansas City

The world has realized that many of the rumors about China’s female gymnastic stars were true despite the assurances by the 2008 Olympic hosts. Documents have been discovered indicating that three of the gymnasts are under the 16-year-old age requirement.

I find this to be an unbelievable mistake by the Chinese, especially since they were the hosts for the 2008 Olympic Games. I strongly believe the Chinese should face consequences for their unacceptable mistakes.

Hopefully someone with power can do something about this, despite the fact that the games have officially concluded.

Brice Harrison
Prairie Village



Say, isn’t this the same Chinese government that produced documents assuring us that all of the bodies on display in Bodies Revealed exhibition were willingly donated for scientific research? Obviously then, there’s nothing to this gymnastics story. Move along.


So, for woman's diving, the girls can be younger than 16 years old and compete in the Olympics... but they can't for gymnastics? The reasoning for not in gymnastics was that they don't "understand" the pressure yet, and are more relaxed. How is that different from diving? Issues with body size are the same with gymnastics and diving too.



Cheating is cheating, whether on a level that it appears the Chinese have done or the individual cheaters who "somehow" get past any testing by our officials, usually being caught later down the road and only punished then. i think its a case of "blind eye"

I admit to brnging the "god given" from our other conversation today. I wonder what our cheaters would respond on a poll about religious values?




I'm not sure where your going with your comments. I never claimed that we had some divine allowance to cheat, or that our cheating was in any way better thna theirs. In fact, I said that it should all be punished.

The point I am making, in response to your original post that "we do it to", is that there doesn't seem to be examples of American athletes cheating with the full knowledge and support of the American government. If it turns out that the Chinese gymnasts passports WERE fake and the government's claim that they were accurate are false, then this governmental support would appear to be the case.


You are correct Marctnts, we have a God given freedom to cheat, whereas the Chinese gov't did it over there.


OMG, OMG, the Chi Coms cheated??!! The Chi Coms lied??!! What a shocker! What the hell is this world coming to???!!



Cheating is by no means something that the Chinese can claim sole rights to, and when caught, the offender should be punished, no matter the nationality.

And to Solomon, I would assert the difference is one of national support. Our athletes, when caught cheating, seem to have done so independently, or at least without the support of our national governing bodies. In this case, it appears that the Chinese government may have been in on the scam.


Didn't we recently have a medal taken away over a steroid scandal? In fact, haven't there been many scandals of american olympians breaking the rules?


The IOC is about as effective as the UN. Nothing is going to happen.

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