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August 06, 2008

Credit cards make sense

Nadine Cavanaugh (7/31, Letters) was “amazed” at Americans’ dependence on credit cards. I think it’s just good business practice to use credit cards for all my purchases.

At the end of the month, I pay the bill in full and have a printed record of how I spent my money. Also, I have just one bill to pay, saving on checks, postage and envelopes.

In fact, by also using online banking, there is no check charge, and the bank pays for the postage and envelopes.

I physically write only one check, and that’s for my quarterly visit to my hairdresser. And I receive monthly summary reports of every business transaction I made.

Joann Blackburn



For people like Joann credit cards make sense. Responsible use of a credit card does simplify ones life. sadly she is the exception and not the norm. Millions of Americans are maxed out and can only afford to pay the minimum.

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