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August 22, 2008

Forbidden booze sweeter?

When I was a child, my parents sold beer in their rural Missouri restaurant. No one ever told me I couldn’t help myself or that it was against the law for me to drink, yet I never did.

Why? Probably because there was no fun in sneaking beer behind my parents’ back since they didn’t seem to care if I did so. I have a hunch this is why I rarely consume alcoholic beverages today.

I wonder if we might experience less alcoholism in our society if the legal drinking age were lowered or possibly eliminated.

Charles Ballew
Kansas City



Alcoholism is driven by marketing and social acceptance more than addiction.
Addiction is a biproduct of these catalysts.
Personally I do not see why the drinking age is not set at 18 nationwide. Afterall a person is generally stipulated an adult at 18, can be forced to serve in the military if a draft is implemented at 18.
Although the writer makes a good point, could we say the same about sexual activity?
Tell your kids "Go ahead, have sex, we don't care". Educating and discussing these life experiences proactively is the best protocol but certainly endorsing and/or advocating these behaviors will not reduce the propensity.

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