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August 02, 2008

‘Forgotten’ boomer consumers

Thanks, Jennifer Mann, for your timely article “Baby boomers become the forgotten consumer; In pursuit of the 18-to-49 demographic, a wealthy segment gets short shrift” (7/29, A-1). I have said for years that advertisers have no clue who has the money and the desire to spend it, perhaps on necessities and many times on frivolous, spur-of-the-moment purchases.

And while I’m at it, just because we’re “over the hill,” as advertisers like to categorize us, it doesn’t mean we’re all in nursing homes. We still like fashionable clothes that are up to date. That means my 70-year-old belly button is not going to be seen in public, the sleeves of my T-shirt aren’t going to cut into my armpits, and my varicose veins don’t need to be advertised in a skirt up to my hind end.

It appears that you can’t buy good taste, no matter your age.

Tilly Masson



White kids with tats, piercings and baggy clothes don't look ghetto, NE, except in your usual prejudiced paranoia. The ones in my neighborhood look like suburban white kids with tats, piercings and baggy clothes.

You are such an idiot sometimes, and I say that with friendship extended from my heart.


Oh please. you ole fokls just need to step up to the times. get yuz ona dim oversized brim ball caps, cock it sidways, sag your pants, get inked, plop in some phat CZ studs in yo' earz and crank up the beats. All that matters is that we all look ghetto.


70 years old and a "boomer"?

Now that's frightening.

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