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August 22, 2008

Hey, Hollywood: ‘Retard’ hurtful

There has been significant media attention to protests surrounding the new movie “Tropic Thunder” and its misguided use of a term that is inaccurate and offensive to many people: “retard.”

The Arc of the United States — Missouri Chapter is certainly displeased by the use of this term in any setting, especially one that will be viewed by millions of people. The term is a very sensitive issue for people with developmental disabilities, their parents and advocacy groups.

The Arc understands that the term was used as an attempt at humor. Nonetheless, it demonstrates a severe lack of sensitivity for people with developmental disabilities who are often subjected to the derogatory use of the term. It would be a simple show of respect for the movie industry to recognize the harmful implications associated with this word.

This should be a learning experience for the movie industry and the public at large: Words that offend and demean people are not funny — in any context.

Mike Hanrahan
President, Arc of the United States — Missouri Chapter
Cameron, Mo.



Obama does it all the time, just look at what he said (bogusly) on fatherday.

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