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August 28, 2008

H.S. seniors too young to drink

Only “responsible” 21-year-olds should be allowed to purchase and drink alcohol. I was a high school teacher in Minnesota during the late 1970s when Minnesota lawmakers lowered the legal drinking age to 18. This new freedom went straight to their heads.

Serious problems occurred in our school because many of the seniors were 18. They took advantage of the new law and drank alcoholic beverages during school from their cars, from lockers, and from stashes.

Additionally, this made alcohol easily available to underclassmates. This was “cool” for the students but resulted in severe penalties such as suspensions and loss of eligibility for school activities. Apparently the students developed a false sense of “adulthood” that emboldened them to do irrational things that were dangerous.

Within two years, the legal age was raised to 19 and, shortly after, the legal drinking age was returned to 21.

We must acknowledge that underage drinking is a serious problem throughout all public and private schools, both on and off campus. Some university presidents seem to only want “experienced” drinkers on their campuses.

Fred Kinney



I think if we're talking ladies of the evening we're for testing after one. Just my opinion.


does that apply for hookers too?



You are allowed one, when you get to two you require testing.


agree with Rogue on this one


mike d,

Do you still have my bong? Don't you remember me loaning it to you after Mrs Cunninghams class?

Thats right Rogue, Mrs C.

mike d

I went to high school in the 70's, and yes we did drink during school, smoked cigarettes between classes and even smoked a joint or two in the library during study hall. Funny thing was, we were not 18 yet, and we didn't get it from classmates. We stole it from our parents, had older siblings buy it for us or used fake ID's. My point is, you don't have to be 18 or 21 to drink, and drug dealers don't ask for ID. Oh yeah, we all turned out ok.
- I advocate life jackets, helmets and booster seats for everyone under 21 to be worn at all times!


Well, I for one think that 20 year old who just spend 15 months in body armor in 140 degree heat, dodging IED's and ambushes should be able to buy himself a beer when he returns home. But hey, that's just me. Far be it from old war horse to stand in the way of someone elses sanctimony.

Art Chick

Absolutely. WEll said.

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