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August 31, 2008

If you can’t say something nice …

People are always telling me not to smoke. I never respond. I have told a few to come back when they are 76 and tell me about it. Some of them are 300-pounders.

I am courteous enough not to tell them they should start smoking or quit eating and get off their can. Seeing them is sickening and, yes, they have disability cards.

M. Wayne Sheddrick
Blue Springs


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Wrong Solly a 300 pounder on the bow of a bass boar sitting on a pedestal seat.....it appears that the pole just goes right into....well I am sure you get the idea.


"there's not much MORE OF an ugly sight".....

terrible backspace editing


here's another great comment about the people who wanted smoke free bars. There's not much a an ugly sight than a heavyweight on a barstool.

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