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August 30, 2008

KCK casino should be smoke-free

Mayor Joe Reardon said Kansas City, Kan., has to tread carefully before banning smoking in the new casino in Wyandotte County (8/22, Local, “Wyandotte County mulls smoking ban proposals”). Banning smoking might really be the way to go.

Certainly a substantial percentage of the people living in Kansas City, as well as visitors to the area, doesn’t smoke and might prefer to go to a smoke-free casino. Some gamblers don’t care one way or the other. The location, plus the other amenities in the vicinity, will draw customers.

The bottom line: A non-smoking casino might outdraw any of the other casinos.

Ken McGovern
Overland Park



Maybe they should also outlaw any one receiving welfare, child support or educational grants from spending that money at the casinos, smoking or not.


Wanna bet Ken?


Here's a great example of opponents of smoking in public. This guy is saying what a private business in a town and county he does not live in should do.

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