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August 01, 2008

Keep KCI police separate

KCI’s airport police are real police. They have specialized training in airport safety and security. Would the entire Kansas City Police Department be trained? (7/17, Local, “Police chief cites benefits of KCI officers under KCPD”)

Why even consider a change when there is no problem? I found the airport police at KCI to be helpful, courteous, and professional. Sounds like a power play.

Joe Pollock
Overland Park



“Now I question: “ - Posted by: jack | Aug 2, 2008 1:20:54 AM

Now I question what does you’re off topic post have anything to do with reality? Have you considered medication for your sleeping disorder?

Frankly your alternative therapy of random, nonsense screaming on this blog ain’t working for me.


Letting a baby board a commercial airliner without a pre-flight orifice check.

How do we all survive?

Now I question: Where are all the self-proclaimed "conservatives" screaming I have the right to my own
life without government interference?

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