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August 23, 2008

Keep teens out of bars

While it does seem unfair to deny an 18-year-old the right to drink at the same time they are allowed to join the military or vote in an election, there are strong arguments against it as well. Most of them are heady and backed by statistics about drunken driving and binge drinking.

My reason for supporting the drinking age at 21 is more selfish. I work in and frequent bars, and I don’t want a bunch of drunken infants ruining my night at work or on the town.

People in their early 20s are bad enough without allowing teenagers to invade the bar scene, too.

Leave the drinking age alone and focus on more important legislation.

Scott Beskow



Good afternoon Rogue,

First Scott the letter writer and now me, invited to put our soup coolers on your old wrinkled heiney. Sorry, I don't play that.

Mrs Rogue, lets upgrade that hug to a little somethin' somethin'.


"Everyone has to start their adulthood some time. "

Adulthood has nothing to do with the age of the person, rather it has to do with the maturity of the mind. Yes there are many who are 20ish and have a keen sense of life around them and the reality of it and even those who are 30ish+ who don't. But wouldn't you wager that there are more 20ish folks who still need a bit more time to mentally mature before they should be allowed to legally imbibe?

The argument that if someone can go to war at 18 that it should automatically make them eligible for drinking is a poor debate. Many have already pointed out that those who have enlisted have, for the most part, been broken down and rebuilt into responsible, level-headed, young people far more capable of being able to intelligently have a few drinks and still function with respect, and there are exceptions to that. The same can not be said for a great many of the general under 21 age population. They are either privileged with no sense of responsibility or they have been raised in unfortunate environments like alcohol abusive parents and aren't able to better decide how to handle not only the peer pressure of drinking but also the quantity and effects of it.

Many experts are firm believers that in our society those who become alcoholics started drinking at a young age and were indiscriminate in their behavior. The last thing that needs to happen is enabling the development of future alcoholics at a younger age.

For these college presidents to encourage lowering the age of drinking just because it happens anyway is nothing more than their wanting to remove themselves from the responsibility of what kids that age do on campus. IMO, any campus who knowingly allows this and makes no effort to control or stop it should be fined, threatened with loss of federal funding and if it continues, then the college presidents and boards of directors should be held liable for any damage or deaths because of excessive or binge drinking by their students.


Hey solomon, kiss my butt.

Tom K

I have to agree with Rogue. I don't even like alcohol but a man who is old enough to be trusted with a weapon and is old enough to die for our country is old enough to drink alcoholic beverages.

Everyone has to start their adulthood some time.


To Mrs Rogue,

Please give our friend Rogue a hug. He needs one this morning.


Let's see now Scott, that 20 year old is coming home from a 15 month tour after wearing 60 pounds of body armor in 140 degree heat, and getting his ass shot at every day....but sunuvab I itch, he had better not try and buy himself a beer....

I tell you what Scotty you can kiss my old Airborne ass, and it would be my distinct pleasure to buy him that beer.

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