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August 05, 2008

Killer’s chaotic childhood

Frank Smist (7/28, Letters), A.P. Lane and Frank Statesel (7/30 Letters) believe that the last-ditch effort of the justice system — enforcing the death penalty — is the best way to bring about justice and purge society of violence.

All three have it wrong. The brutality of Edwin Hall, who killed Kelsey Smith, is not some evil that spawned out of nowhere. Chaos shaped Hall’s childhood and helped create his violent nature.

So, you want justice? Learn how abuse damages children. Vote to keep social services fully funded. Volunteer at a treatment facility for abused kids. Most of them are filled to capacity.

Try to be part of a solution that seeks to prevent the creation of a violent nature.

Kelly Mathews
Kansas City



Is the letter writer suggesting that it is society's faulty a demented person like Edwin Hall committed his crimes?

It's called personal responsibility, poeple. We may be affected by our past, but we don't have to be prisoners of it.


I do not know Edwin Hall but in my life I've known people, men and women who were abused sexually, violently or both. They'll have these scars forever. None of them are killers.

There is always a reason someone kills but never an excuse. To say he did this because of what he suffered does not make him worthy of kellys or anyone elses pity.

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