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August 24, 2008

Kudos to community organizers

Gary Pederson (8/19, Letters) made a couple of disparaging comments about Barack Obama's time as a community organizer, even suggesting that being an organizer isn't a significant accomplishment.

Our church has been working with Communities Creating Opportunity (CCO) here in Kansas City, and we've come to know the amazing community organizers who work for CCO. They are some of the most dedicated and hardest-working people I've ever met.

Community organizers help ordinary members of the community find the power to confront problems in their neighborhoods, their cities and states and even nationally. Community organizers often succeed where government leaders fail, because they harness the power of people.

I think that sounds like a great accomplishment for someone hoping to become president.

The Rev. Donna Simon
Abiding Peace Lutheran Church
North Kansas City



My dear friend kate,

At this point we can only hope for the best and lament for our future. I know you have hopes, alas, I have none, my guy is going to lose.

Weren't the founding fathers community organizers?


Well, now that we understand the responsibilities of a community organizer, we can cast our votes with confidence.



Please provide a link for that one or we'll have to assume its a 60s flashback from some bad Indochina pie.


Yesiree Bob Rev, just look at that group ACORN. Crap they can register 25,000 "voters" in a town of 10,000! Shazaam, its magic!

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