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August 29, 2008

Let 18-year-olds into KC Live

I am a nearly 18-year old high school senior. I went down to the Power & Light District recently one evening to see for myself what the hoopla is all about. It looked impressive, at least from the outside.

I was confused and disappointed when I learned firsthand about the age restrictions. Although I’d heard many radio ads about the free concerts at KC Live, you must be 21 for admission. This seems blatantly unfair.

I understand the age requirement for the bars, but KC Live should be more accessible. Because of my part-time job in Kansas City, Mo., I pay a city earnings tax that subsidizes the Power & Light District and the events there.

The district should allow 18- to-20-year-olds into KC Live. The security staff could mark the over-21 crowd with bracelets for alcohol purposes. But there’s no reason to close the door on me and my friends.

Robbie Haden
Kansas City



The area under the canopy is an outdoor bar. Kids should not be in bars. You'll be old enough in a few years and then have the rest of your life to go whenever you want.


Grow up kid, it is an adult entertainment venue, and your PT job doesn't make your 17 year old body an adult. You are dealing with the same thing all of us have dealt with, waiting to be old enough to go in someplace we want to go.


See my previous comment on the drinking age....


"...there’s no reason to close the door on me and my friends."

... there are MANY reasons - lawsuit liability being the major one.

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