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August 19, 2008

Long live King Elvis

The Elvis parade was more then just a parade. It was a gathering of fans young and old to honor the King of Rock ’n’ Roll (8/15, FYI, “Attention, fans: Elvis parade has left the city”).

There were fun, food, contests and games. Elvis impersonators of all ages sang and posed for photos. It was a Memorial Day for the King, Elvis, and for the people who love him.

Kansas City should have an “Elvis Day,” if not a parade downtown. Elvis lives!

Sharon Gallus
Sugar Creek



Modern entertainment is by far less talented and highly overrated but that's the world we live in, the same can be said for athletes of past versus those of present. Mike Vick, viewed as a God, yet players like Johnny Unitas...(whodat?), Sammy Baugh, Priest Holmes, simply thrown to the curbside. Johnny U even worked a day job, as did most athletes back then.
Of course, music and entertainment are subjective so their is not true way of detrmining what music or perfomer is the "right" one.


When I see these so-called American Idols, and then compare any single one of them with the King, or Frank, well, sorry sports fans they aren't in the same league, they simply do not hold a candle in terms of voice, showmanship, and professionalism.

Art Chick

Still!? lol
Nah, I can remember my first job, waaaaaaaay back when. One day I walked in, and the manager was slumped against the doorway, sobbing. I asked what was wrong, and in her Kentucky drawl, she said, "It's just Elvis!" He had died that day, and I remember it seemed like a national day of mourning in Ky.
I'm not a huge fan, but I still like "Burnin' Love"!

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