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August 04, 2008

Missing movie showtime listings

Is anyone else annoyed by the recent decision by some local theater chains to forgo print movie listings in FYI some days of the week? Instead, they refer you to their Web site or the dreaded movie phone line.

While I am, in fact, over 50, I do have and use both a computer and cell phone regularly. However, I like to be able to look quickly and easily at all the films and times offered without having to go online or wade through the detested automated phone menus. I want side-by-side comparisons.

My husband and I recently decided to see “Mamma Mia!” on very short notice. It took more than five minutes on the phone to find the information we needed. I was so frustrated that I decided the next time we want to see a movie, we’ll just pick another theater that cares more about its viewers than its bottom line.

Yes, I know popcorn prices are up, but if you can’t pay for newspaper listings, raise the price of each ticket by a nickel.

Janeen Aggen



"Some of my favorite movie-going experiences were at the drive-in. *sigh*"

....first time you let your boyfriend get to 2nd base back in the day?


Some of my favorite movie-going experiences were at the drive-in. *sigh*


doesn't take a lot of thought. I work in the movie industry and have all the data at my fingertips, with the exception of KCStar rate prices



You've obviously given this alot of thought, (the bud must be good today) but the drive ins just recently cut back on their ads when everyone else did. i think it must have been a rate increase since they all did it at aboout the same time.


reasoning for drive ins not being listed is most likely the price. I don't know how much the cost to advertise the showtimes is in the Star, but the drive in's in KC typically average <$20,000 gross per weekend (20000 is if they are really lucky), and since they are not huge circuits, the studios collect around 55-60% of the ticket revenue. Then factor in operating costs, and there isn't much money left over to advertise in the paper


Since I only go to the drive in I don't need to know what time it starts, I show up at dark. BUT.....now the drive in doesn't list what is showing, you have to call to find out.

Something tells me that page experienced a rate hike and these businesses decided the only way to continue to advertize is to cut back on their ads. Maybe Whitless and Judge needed a raise.


"The movies they make today aren't worth paying $10 for anyway."

very well stated. I couldn't agree more. I have only paid to see one movie in the past 20 years. If I didn't go for free, I never would go.

However, most people don't realize this: 80% or so of movies made LOSE money.

As to the letter writer: if you google "movietickets.com & your zip code" you can find movie listings in about 20 seconds.

Stifled Freedom

The movies they make today aren't worth paying $10 for anyway. I dont see any classic material coming out of Hollywood today. Just disposable movies that make thier profit off of advertising hype in the first weekend.

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