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August 25, 2008

On hate and misplaced priorities

I find it interesting how we are encouraged to hate our opponents.

Chiefs hate Raiders and Broncos, or as they say “There’s no love between them.”

MU and KU.

Royals. Oh well, nobody hates the Royals anymore.

Even politicians put down their opponents during elections. Then they ask us to forget all that hate talk and want us to work together to make things better.

I don’t get it. As I get older, I can’t turn my emotions on and off like that anymore.

Sports is one thing, but politics can have a lasting effect on the nation.

I also find it disturbing that we pay athletes, singers and actors millions and millions of dollars to entertain us, but we argue about teachers’ pay. Entertainment is just that: It serves no purpose but to entertain. Teachers will affect our country’s future.

Which is more important, to be entertained for three or four hours or our children?

Has the world become so stressful that we have to vent our anger and hate through “entertainment” at the cost of our future?

Tom Swope
Kansas City



Sign Tom up for an economics class. His confusion of societal value and monetary value is amazing.


Tom you are an idiot. How much in revenues do teachers contribute to the economy of the area in which they teach?

Now how much in revenues do professional sport franchises generate? To my knowledge no one holds a gun on teachers and commands them to take jobs that pay less, and furher no one holds a gun on you to make you go to the Chiefs game (but it might not be a bad idea now given their acumen) either.

See Tom it is called the free market and it is a beautiful thing!


I was waiting for the "tictictictic...." at the end of this one. It was like something Andy Rooney would write after 8 or 9 single malts.

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