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August 13, 2008

Our wallets already ‘drilled’

I was dumbfounded by a photo that accompanied The Star’s story on the pivotal role of Greene County, Mo., in the presidential race (8/10, A-1, “Battle line drawn in Greene”). The photo was of Greene county supporters of John McCain holding signs critical of Barack Obama. One said, “The only place Obama wants to drill is your wallet,” and another said, “America can’t afford Obama.”

The only explanation I can think of is that these voters have been asleep the last eight years when oil companies, military contractors, credit card companies and the health insurance industry have successfully lobbied the government to give them easy access to our wallets. Another explanation I suppose is the success Republicans have had by repeating the phrase “tax-and-spend liberals.”

Our wallets have indeed been “drilled” by a government that transfers tax dollars to the private sector, abdicates regulatory checks on profit-driven corporations and systematically dismantles what’s left of an economic safety net.

I hope voters check the facts rather than cling to hackneyed slogans.

Julie Stephens de Jonge
Lee’s Summit



I guess Julie must work for a non-profit driven company that relys on handouts and "contributions".

I bet she buys plenty of her consumables from for profit companies.


It leftist moonbat day at the "Hammer and Sickle". Gag me with a carbon credit.

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