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August 31, 2008

Parents’ drinking sets example

The thrill of sneaking around those who forbid alcohol is a major reason to why minors drink, but it’s not the only one. The drinking habits of the parents, when under stress or celebrating, teach children to use alcohol the same way. So whether drinking is legal or not, youths will mimic their parents.

While lowering the drinking age may prevent instances of alcoholism, it can bring forth more problems. By lowering the age by two years, teenagers drinking for the first time are driving for the first time. Together alcohol and driving is a sure way to cause harm and even death. So while lowering the age may have positive effects, it may not beat the negatives unless other solutions can be reached.

Ben Schario
Overland Park



I think that 20 year old just returning from 15 months of wearing 40 pounds of body armor in 140 degree heat, and who has spent half his time dodging IED's, and beathing back ambushes....should probably be able to buy himself a beer. What do you think Ben?


You can die for your country at 18 but not drink, how grand!
Promiscuous behavior is also mirrored by children when they see mom sleeping with 8 or 10 different John's.

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