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August 15, 2008

Plagued by calls from charities

I am forced to quit giving money donations to charities. Once you give one cent to any charity that requests money over the phone or through the mail, they give your phone number and address to every charity in the world.

I average four to five phone calls a day and have changed my phone number twice, but they have a way of getting your new number the day after you change it (and not from the phone company).

I do belong to the Missouri and the National No Call Lists, but charities are exempt from the law.

Until the laws are changed about giving or selling personal information, I will no longer give to charities.

Donna Pogue



Computer-generated pre-recorded calls ARE against the law and have been for over 15 years. The law just isn't enforced, and I don't even think the numbers of the phone callers could be traced because they're spoofed. It's the prerecorded "this is your last chance" calls that drive me crazy. But the charities are annoying as well.

If a live person calls, I simple tell them, "No, you may not have any of our money, now take us off your list," and then I hang up. End of discussion.


Obama's camp called our house, I told them we can not afford to contribute due to high taxation and lack of oversight and accountability of worthless socialist programs.


Politicians and political parties are even bigger nuisances than charities. Like the letter writer, I finally started informing all solicitors that I make donations by phone. Their stock response is, how much can we put you down for as a pledge. Then I hang up.

Politicians exempted themselves from the do not call rules. Typical.


Donna I always tell charity solicitors to send us a written request, because we do not blindly give money to someone who calla and "claims" to rerpresent a charity.

Since taking this action such calls have declined significantly.

Joe Barone

I think the no-call list is almost worthless. At the very least it should outlaw all computer generated calls no matter where they come from. I didn't put my phone in to talk to (or listen to) a computer.

Our approach is to whitelist. If you come up on our caller ID and we don't know you, we don't answer. You can leave a message. We'll call back if we choose to. The only calls we pick up are from people we know.

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