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August 13, 2008

Plastic bags aren’t ‘evil’

Those whose mission in life is to convince everyone that modern civilization and America, in particular, are evil, find evidence of this wherever they look and hysterically argue one bald-faced absurdity after another. The scary thing is that they can find so many takers.

We are terrifyingly warned that plastic shopping bags are “evil” (8/9, Letters) which is the same word used to describe murder. The absurdity of focusing on plastic bags completely ignores the fact that those bags are full of items packaged in substantial amounts of plastic: tubs of margarine, milk jugs, bags of shredded cheese, detergent containers, the list goes on. The packaging inside the bag contains maybe 100 times more plastic that the bag itself.

Once again, these definers of evil show themselves to be clueless, frightened children, insisting that the rest of us share their groundless fears and guilt.

Larry Seitter



OHmmmmmm. Ohmmmm. PLease save the earth from plastic bags. OHmmmmm......


If you are going to comment on a letter, you should be sure to read the article that the letter was about, Larry. The choice of the word 'evil' came from that article. I used it sarcastically which is why it was in quotations. You obviously know as well as I do that we are overrun with plastic packaging... and some of it is 'neccesity'. However, one who chooses plastic bags over cloth out of spite or the "we are screwed anyway" attitude is the true "clueless child".

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