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August 17, 2008

Plastic bags not evil, just dumb

Larry Seitter (8/14, Letters) is right with regard to his comment about the “evil” plastic bag being full of plastic-packaged items.

I can’t change corporate America’s method of packaging their goods. I can, however, do my part to “think green” whenever the opportunity presents itself. I carry paper bags and reuse them until they are worn out, then they become birdcage liners.

Do you want more dollars coming out of your wallet to pay for a new or expanded landfill? I don’t. So, be it ever so humble, I will do what I can to help the environment and my wallet.

Did you know you get a nickel, and at some places a dime, for each bag you bring?

Plastic is not “evil.” It’s just not the intelligent choice today.

Bonnie Meeks-Collins
Overland Park

Larry Seitter is being ridiculous when he states that there’s more plastic inside a plastic bag (referring to the contents) than there is in the bag itself. No kidding!

Unfortunately, Larry, we aren’t able to buy margarine, milk, cheese and laundry detergent in bulk by bringing containers to the store to fill with these products. But we are easily able to bring canvas bags when we go shopping, and not just to grocery stores.

Diane E. Capps
Kansas City



OHmmmmmmm, Ohmmmmmmm, OHmmmmmm..........


In other words Diane does her part with the cloth bag, and the fact her Lean Cuisine and laundry detergent are packed in plactic isn't her fault. She's doing the best she can.


Things are never "evil". Only humans have the ability to be "evil".

Maybe Kate can needlepoint a happy face on her bags.

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