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August 12, 2008

Praise for Olympics coverage

I respectfully disagree with Brian Kegerreis (8/9, Letters) about boycotting the Olympics. While I don’t condone the Chinese government’s actions and we both respect the athletes’ diligence and commitment, the similarity ends there.

I think watching the Olympics on TV is a great opportunity to teach children about other countries’ customs, personalities and convictions. Despite our world’s vast differences, each opinion matters, including those of my own kids, who just might come away with new insight based on what they see and learn. I particularly like the personal interest stories, which allow us to see the human side of each athlete highlighted. Some of it may be fluff, but you can’t buy that kind of education in a textbook.

If you don’t like China’s government, don’t buy their products. But don’t ignore the rest of the world’s involvement. It’s an opportunity for a concise history lesson that you can continue once the TV is turned off.

The human spirit is universal, and the Olympics just might be the only venue to get a world’s worth of perspective in a box, literally and figuratively speaking.

Kathy Kline
Overland Park

The opening ceremony for the Olympics was the most fantastic presentation I have ever seen. It was not only a superb production; it was also an engineering marvel.

The Chinese government deserves the highest accolades

John Gaines
Prairie Village



Next thing you know, China will be faking documents to show that Al Qaeda is in cahoots with Saddam's Iraq and that Saddam's attempting to purchase uranium from Niger.

Crazy stuff.


Good morning Rogue,

As long as your in a charitable mood, would you buy me a plane ticket to Tahita? I want to compare its gov't practices to ours in KC.


I tell you what Cookie, you think we live in a totallitarian regime? Let me buy you a ticket to China so you can apply for citizenship, dipstick.


I would agree with your "bottom line" Kate. Which makes it so confusing on why so many still blindly support the current administration.


OMG, this is an even bigger scandal than lip-syncing our National Anthem at the Super Bowl.

Interesting links though, Kate.


“The Chinese government deserves the highest accolades.”

Surely the buck-toothed 7-year-old who out-sang the competition only to be replaced by a 9-year old girl who presented the “right image” of Chinese youth agrees. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/othersports/olympics/2545387/Beijing-Olympics-Faking-scandal-over-girl-who-sang-in-opening-ceremony.html

And computer-generated fireworks are usually more spectacular than the real kind. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/othersports/olympics/2534499/Beijing-Olympic-2008-opening-ceremony-giant-firework-footprints-faked.html

Bottom line: When a totalitarian government wants things to go perfectly . . . everything will go perfectly.

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