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August 19, 2008

Rising Hispanic population

Matt Campbell’s article (8/11, Local, “Area Hispanic population rises; Demographic estimates by the Census Bureau show 5 percent increase”) provided the reader with recent demographic estimates from the Census Bureau. The estimates reflected a trend that has been apparent for several years, and the trend is a disproportionate Hispanic population growth in the six-county metropolitan area compared with the other major population groups.

The root cause for this rapid Hispanic growth was not specified in the article. Could it be because of overwhelming illegal immigration? I think it is conceivable that, probably sooner than later, Hispanics will continue to advance their power base and be in a strategic position to unfairly alter our political landscape.

Since children born of illegal immigrants here in the U.S. are automatically granted citizenship at birth, that bizarre privilege alone is enough to contribute to a formidable Hispanic voting bloc. Circa the mid ’80s, approximately three million illegal Hispanics were granted residence status. Granting them amnesty did absolutely nothing to stem the tide of illegal immigrants entering the country.

When is it going to stop? Unless our Congress gets its arms around the immigration debacle, our country’s sovereignty will continue to be dismantled before our eyes.

Jack Kochanski





Good evening Engineer and Marctnts,

I guess I need to start, as usual, any conversation on this topic with a firm "I am not for illegal immigration".

Moving on to the point you are in agreement about that there is not the need for a large unskilled labor force, I would counter with the facts, we have millions and millions of Hispanics in this country working at unskilled labor positions. I don't think either one of you would disagree with the current administrations position on employment/unemployment figures, so it would seem the need is evident.

As far as Marctnts point about the fact the European immigrants were legal, you are correct. It is easy to see that in the years of mass immigration the requirement that you be white, not brown or yellow. Look it up, thats how immigration laws were founded and when we took large portions of Mexico we enacted even stricter limits with enforcement measures taken. If not for these racially exclusionary laws we would have faced that we were not destined to be a white country a long time ago.

i contend that this is a natural migration, not unlike those that occurred globally throughout history. engineer and Arminius have argued in the past that historically these migrations have been armend invasions, but everything was armed in the past, look at our manifest destiny.

I agree with Engineer that neither Obama or McCain will do anything to further any solution, as I think the gov't knows that short of military action there is no stopping this force of nature.


"The current group of illegals have the exact same qualifications the waves of European immigrants had." - Solomon

I have to disagree with this statement. The waves of European immigrants at the turn of the century had one HUGE qualification that the current wave of illegal immigrants don't have, that being a LEGAL allowance to be here.

Unless the concept of "national sovereignty" has become too un-PC for use, we have every right as a nation to turn away any amount of immigration we desire.

That being said, I'll agree that a considerable amount of the outrage being expressed about illegal immigration has just as much to do with the ethnicity of the immigrant as their legal status. Engineer also makes a good point, however, that as the necessary qualifications of our labor force changes, our economy is no longer as dependant on a mass, relatively unskilled, immigrant labor force.


The current illegal immigrants may in ways be the same as yesteryears legal immigrants, but the times are different. There is no longer an almost unlimited demand for unskilled labor. There are no longer great areas of Government land suitable and available for homesteading. The uneducated, unskilled immigrant is a great financial burden on the Nation. The only thing that prevents our solving the illegal immigration program is a lack of the resolve and will to do so. By their lack of action, both parties are betraying the USA.


Understanding and giving up are two different concepts Rogue.


Tell you what Sol, you go ahead and give up. I won't.


Why don't you just make the check out to me Rogue? I promise I won't let a single hispanic through, but I'll do it from the Canadian border. Makes about as much sense as sending it to the MM.

Facts are facts Rogue, we are where we are because of where we've been. That is not a "white America is so bad" comment. Its the same with internal problems in every nation in history, you can't look at social situations and human condition with an eye that doesn't look at the entire scope of a problem.


I disagree that illegal aliens cannot be stopped, just enforce the laws on the books, punish employers who knowingly hire illegals, and build the dam fence.

Oklahoma recently enacted strict laws against illegals and they are fleeing that state in droves.

Unforutnately, the two Bozos running for President are unlikely to take any of these steps so it will require a grass roots effort, just like the one generated to stop the amnesty bill.

Dam, I am going to write another check out to the Minutemen.....


Something tell me the only two keys you missed this morning was the one you mentioned and the one to my post. I did not play the race card, Jack Kochanski did. Whose politcal landscape did you think he was referreng to Rogue? Our sovreignty won't be dismantled, only the demographics will change.

The is no denying that we are a white nation now because our immigration laws allowed open immigration to Europeans while barring Asians and Hispanics. Simply read the laws buddy, they are in black and white and easy to understand language. You know me, I get stuck on the all men are created equal, and even though you, me and everybody else knows the Founding Fathers did not mean it in the beginning, I think as Americans we all believe it now, unless you'd like to go on record and say you do not.

Bottom line IMO, Mr Ko here fears the inevitable, as there is no way to stop the influx of illegals, even though we'd like to see everyone who comes here go through the basic channels we've set up. The current group of illegals have the exact same qualifications the waves of Euopean immigrants had. They are here and will serve a portion of the workforce. Italian bricklayers of old being replaced with Latin roofers and laborers.

The inscription at the staue of Liberty doesn't say your poor (white) hungry (white) huddled masses(white).....Don't fear the future Rogue, there's no use to it.


Oops missed the [EDITED] key, should be 70%!


Little early to be playing the race card isn't it Sol?

The man wants our borders controlled, illegal aliens deported, and our laws enforced. What is so unreasonable, or "white" about that? Over 705 of Americans believe it too.

Hell, we would feel that way if folks from Canada were crashing the northern border!


Good morning Tracee,

Be very careful. Agreeing with me could be taken as the first sign of insanity.

Art Chick

Solomon, you seem to always say what--or close to what--I am thinking. Nice to see your informed and open-minded comments with my morning coffee! :)


Mr Kochanski believes this is a white nation and should stay that way. It won't, and we might as well accept it now. No one has figured out how to stop it.

I agree with him this will be a result of mass illegal immigration of Hispanics, just as we became a white nation by restriciting immigration to whites.

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