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August 24, 2008

Same old answers about oil

In the "As I See It" editorial, guest columnist Jean Carnahan wrote on U.S. Energy Policy (8/17, Opinion, "There are better answers than drilling for more oil"). I hoped that she would present some fresh ideas and new perspective. Instead, the former U.S. senator from Missouri merely re-stated the same old tired partisan blame game.

She managed to name the all-too-usual suspects: the president, Wall Street and "Big Oil." She seemed to disregard that part of the reason we consume 25 percent of global oil production is due to the nearly insatiable appetite for fuel-inefficient vehicles. And all automakers were more than willing to feed that perceived need.

U.S. energy policy is a complex issue and will take more than a few sound bites to resolve. It will require a basic lifestyle change by most Americans.

Unfortunately, I do not see any credible leadership setting the pace for that change.

Ralph Sweatte



The answer is to develop our own vast resources of oil you moonbat, you are as silly as Carnahan....

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