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August 18, 2008

Sons may be off to Afghanistan

I have two Marine sons. Just think — the seventh anniversary of 9/11 is coming up. My sons were in eighth and 10th grade then.

Now they may be fighting in the ongoing war in Afghanistan. My older son just returned from Iraq tour, with two years in Okinawa before that. My younger son is deployed to Okinawa on a two-year tour now but got his Web orders to Camp Lejeune when that’s up on January 2009, and from there to Iraq (unless that’s changed for the Afghanistan surge).

If we have the same leaders and generals the entire seven years, without a shake-up like with getting Gen. Petraeus into Iraq, nothing will change. It will just mean more young troops in the Afghanistan “surge” with the same leadership, which hasn’t gotten the job done in seven years.

It’s scary for me, as a Marine mom, to send my active duty son into that, or to have my other son, who just got out after four years and is in the Individual Ready Reserve for three years, activated. They could possibly be in Afghanistan together, if there is a surge. And if the leadership is not changed, they could be under the same ineffective generals.

Marijane Green
Kansas City, Kan.



Does anyone else find it hilarious when Engineer says thing like "our Apache troubles"? Wouldn't it be more honest of him to say something like "in our quest to kill or subdue the Apaches". He makes it sound like they and our current foes are less than what is acceptable, being judgemental of them because they won't come out against our superior forces to be clearly defeated.

What do you expect Engineer?


Although I don't often agree with People are Dumb, his post on Marijane Green's litter pretty well echoes my thoughts. This is a war with irregulars, and more than anything else, it resembles our Apache "troubles". The enemy does not come out for pitched battles. And the Generals have been changed. Gen. Petraeus is now in overall charge.


I actiively supported my son in enlisting after 9/11. I did everything I could to support he and his fellow troopers while they were at Fort Riley getting ready to go to Iraq. I did everything I could for them while they served their tour.

Of course, during this time I discovered that the Bush/Rumsfield doctrine of war on the cheap meant they were put in high risk situtations without proper gear. And when they completed their tours, the injured had become worth-less to the Bushites who have done their best to avoid treating their injuries and have basically tried to just throw them away.

The Bush/Rummsfield doctrine basically is "use up the troops, then throw them away".

BTW: 550 metric tons of yellowcake I just gotta hear about. Where oh where might this information be found?


Yowza. Casady goes in for the kill :)


So we'll assume you never criticized Cindy Sheehan, right Rouge?


What kind of honor has anyone who chooses to criticize a mother of our heroes? Probably not much.

Stifled Freedom

"...to send my active duty son..."

Ms Green, are you a general in the US Marines? While we appreciate thier service, military service today is volutary. If you sons were minors on 9/11/01, then they joined afterward knowing that they would likely be sent to war. You should have known it too.

The leadership in the war is bad. True. But you were not forced to fight in war...you were only forced to pay for it.


"God bless them and you"-rogue

I agree with that hope for you and yours. I also agree with Rogue saying there will never be an end to hostilities, the best we can hope for is a stalemate in the part of the world we have chosen to occupy.


Thank you for the service of your sons, and my thanks them to as well.

I am sure glad that they did their duty, and that Saddam did not get the opportunity to exploit the 550 metric tons of yellow cake that he had in his stockpile.

In an unconventional war, with an unconventinal enemy like this war on terror I do not think we can look to an "ending", perhaps only suspensions of hostilities. I am certain that by the good works of men like your sons and leaders like General Petraeus we have been kept from attack on our homeland.

God Bless them and you.


I am always torn on this issue. I am against the war in Iraq but I understand the action in Afganistan. It has lasted too long because of the efforts in Iraq, IMO.

That being said everybody in the American Military today enlisted and took an oath to serve. That oath did not come with a rider saying ;unless I disagree with the cause of my monm thinks its a bad idea.

Art Chick

Until the war machine grinds to a halt, they are in real danger of having to go. They are heroes, fighting a political war they have been thrown into.
The false pretenses which have gotten so many killed mean nothing to Bushwhack and his regime. It's like they are playing the world's largest board game of Stratego, and having a mighty good time proving who's got the most power and expendable troops.


We are all proud of your sons. Sadly, it isn't a question of if they will be going to Afganistan. It is only a question of when.

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