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August 13, 2008

Substitute ‘Iraq’ for ‘Georgia’

George Bush is quoted as saying, “Georgia is a sovereign nation, and its territorial integrity must be respected” (8/10, A-15, “U.S. has few options to deter the Russians”). Substitute “Georgia” with “Iraq” in that quote, and you realize why the United States has lost so much credibility around the world under the Bush administration.

It’s no wonder pundits such as Michelle Malkin and Kathleen Parker spend their time attacking Barack Obama instead of running on the record of this Republican administration of the past eight years. It’s a record they know Americans will not vote for again.

Alex Migliazzo



"Jim, are you suggesting that neocons are behind Russia's invasion of Georgia?"

Amusing, if transparently intentional, misreading of Jim's statement.


"Neocons are thirsty to relive the Cold War. That's what's behind this."

Jim, are you suggesting that neocons are behind Russia's invasion of Georgia? I'll give it to you that the conservative response is probably designed to align with the "do you feel safe" mantra they've been pushing, but I would like to know how McCain convinced Putin to push his tanks in. I didn't know they were that close.


Neocons are thirsty to relive the Cold War. That's what's behind this. McCain's complete incompetence, corruption and incoherence on this particular matter are glaring enough, but his numerous statements and the way he comes alive when he bashes Russia (which is often) are telling as well. This man should not be anywhere near "the button."


Good evening Engineer,

The region known as South Ossetia was claimed by Georgia in the dissolution of the USSR, the people there never wanted to be part of Georgia. As long ago as 1992 they made it plain they did not want to be a part of Georgia, as there are ethnic differences. The forces in Georgia were strong enough to make a claim on the territory, sure, but that does not make it right. You seem to be for Georgia because they are pro-west, not because they have a right to govern a people that never wanted their rule. Of course, you also are not for basic human rights if they are not pro-west.


Another (perhaps more plausible?) analogy would be if Texas seceded 10 or 15 years ago, and a number of folks in DFW and Houston areas wanted to rejoin the U.S. and sought our military aid in doing so, over the objections of the President of Texas in Austin (who had positioned himself as a staunch ally of Russia in an attempt to gain support and recognition of Texas' territorial claims).

I don't know any more than Engineer if that's the correct read on the situation, but it seems like it could very well be the case.


Georgia is a sovereign State; South Ossetia is a part of Georgia. Russia has no more right to invade Georgia than Mexico has to invade us because we are expelling large numbers of Mexican nationals from Arizona. Reading this thread brings to mind Stalin's term "useful idiots".



My son and i just left Bryants on 17th and Brooklyn. They have a picture of some marines with a sign over their heads. You are right, there is no comparison to our invasion of Iraq and Russia defense of South ossetia. Russia borders and has close ties and associations with south Ossetia. We, according to the sigh in the picture, are 6794 miles from Iraq.


McCain has been blasting Russia about this for days, saying the blame and the response should be squarely aimed at them. Today, though, he seems to be backing off and saying he doesn't quite know who to blame:

"We, we will decide in subsequent days as whether degree of provocation and whe-- who was right and who was wrong."


I'd say he's a bit "confused," but Kate would jump down my throat about playing the age card or some such nonsense. Apparently McCain's confusing and often contradictory statements and policies are off-limits as a campaign topic. Thank goodness Obama's vacation is a topic that's in-bounds.


What about Georgia's incursion into South Ossetia? Any analogy there?


There is no analogy between the war in Iraq, and Russia's incursion into Georgia, period.


Q2D2,(mind if I just call you double shift?)

Your point is right on target if you ask me.


Exactly my thoughts too Q2. And yet McCain and his paid Georgia lobbyist want to teach Russia a lesson? Is he that crazy that he thinks wants a shooting war with Russia? Oh I forget this is the same one that wants to bomb bomb bomb Iran too... seems like the only thing he does know how to do. Problem gets worse in that he get "mixed up" on which country is which. You know like the Iran/Pakistan border.. or the Checz Republic still being a country.

The more I see of McCain the more I am convinced the dude has lost it upstairs. I liked the McCain of 2000, but this version is NUTS!!! Or senile.


Georgia is looking like Iraq in more ways than one -- like modern Iraq, it is a geographical entity cobbled together in part by the west out of a population that does not necessarily see itself as a cohesive entity.

Like Iraq, it's starting to look like a failed attempt at cart-before-the-horse nation-building by the west.


Georgia and S. Ossetia are fighting.

Georgia is our ally. Ossetia is Russia's ally.

Georgia invades Ossetia. Russia aids Ossetia and pushes Georgia back and goes ahead and pushes farther into Georgia to teach them a lesson.

How is that Russia's fault again? Isn't that what an ally does? Didn't we do the same thing to Iraq when they invaded Kuwait?

In case I'm missing something, please let me know.



Does South Ossetia want to be part of Georgia?


Lets see now Alex, did Russia go before the UN and request a resolution to invade Georgia? Had Georgia broken 17 previous directives issued by the UN? Has Georgia threatened Israel and entire western world with WMD's Alex?

Has Goergia's leaders executed or gassed hundreds of thousands of its citizens Alex?Does the Georgia President have rape rooms Alex? Does the Georgia President regularly have his two sons execute and torture athletes that do not meet their standards Alex?

You sir are a typical leftist moonbat that has no concept of simple reason.

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