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August 31, 2008

Support Pakistani democracy

When the Chief Justice of Pakistan’s Supreme Court did not bow to the pressure of General Pervez Musharraf (8/20, A-9, “Issue of judges tests Pakistan coalition”), the military dictator fired him and put him and 60 other judges under house arrest.

This led to an unprecedented movement by the lawyers, civil society and the media to try to restore him and the rest of the judiciary. That ultimately led to the Musharraf’s resignation. The majority of Pakistani people hope that Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudry will be restored to his post and rule of law will prevail in the country.

It is high time the United States promoted the cause of democracy in Pakistan and helped the newly elected government establish a sovereign judiciary

Usman Haleem



Thanks for your honesty. Some here would try and say we're better than those we consider adversaries.


You bet your azz Solomon. Learn it and love it!


Thank you Rogue, for admitting that we'll back murderous regimes around the world as long as it makes our lives in Jackson County better.


Heaven help us, or any country if we/they ever stop acting in our/their own self interest.


History suggests that we will allow whatever form of gov't flourish as long as you are our allies.

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