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August 17, 2008

The ‘R-word’ isn’t funny

It is time that The Star and its readers help take a stand against a word that has gained popularity in culture but is offensive to so many. The “R-word,” or “retard,” has found a place in common language and seems to be accepted by many. In fact, it is said 16 times in one scene in the new film “Tropic Thunder.” The word hurts, even if it is not directed at a person with intellectual disabilities.

For too long, people with intellectual disabilities have had to overcome society’s stereotypes. It is time for a change, and you can help show Hollywood that it is time they understand the impact of their actions.

To learn more about how you can be a fan of dignity, visit www.r-word.org.

Nancy Walker



40 you comment on sexist remarks but probably endorse BOGUS sexist remarks made about men and fathers.
Funny how that is perfectly appropriate.
Ever hear of freedom of speech?


I believe I asked Kate not to be stupid with you, but anyone who really cares will read the thread, they'll also find you doctored the quote you used this morning.

Was I wrong to use a reference that good Christians such as yourself would immediatlely think something vile and foul? Yes, the fact that I do not use language like that is no excuse for it. You are so used to hearing the word you could not take it any other way. Have I apologized to the group here for bringing this into a discussion that you will certainly keep going endlessly? Yes, I owed it to them.

You say I called you that in that I was losing an arguement with me. If that is your definition of you alternating between calling me Farrakhan and saying he is my mentor, well that shows how whacko you are. We were not in an arguement, you were just showing what a "starts with a c....wait for it...Christian you really are".

My final post on the matter, 40 oz.


The ONLY reason my posts are foul is because they are quoting Solomon's own words.

Not sure how that's my fault.


This will be my last apology to the group for bringing the foul posts of 40oz into our lives. As always with all of us, her actions are her responsibilty.


Relevant link that prove the Ike Solomon quote is just that, a quote. There are other juicy quotes in there, so those might show up quoted from time to time.


Just to mix it up, I will also sprinkle in his talking about my tampons and his calling Kate stupid. It's hard to imagine getting tired exposing sexist pigs.


Good mornimg 40oz,

Now you've resorting to outright lying. Please use a better example of me calling you that, as the quote you used there describes where you had taken the conversation, not where it started. You're quote there is not even accurate, as that quote has been added to by you and you know it. Or on 402nd thought why don't you take Marctnts advice and take the high road, as I am and will always be Ike solomon farrakhan liberal woman hating racist and nothing you or I say will ever change that. Or, you can continue to remind everyone here that Christian is far down the line of things you think of when you hear that terrible letter.


What's funny is meaning is meaning whether it be profane, slang or common speak.
How retarded.
Maybe they should outlaw "Awesome!", that word is getting really old and really boring. All the happy pill idiots running around "Awesome!".
Gag me with a Webster's.


A bunch of litle whiney window lickers.....


Might as well get this one in early...

The power of suggestion jack(louie), and the inabililty of society to see past certains things. I'd never heard of the use r-word until this morning. There are hundreds of words, adjectives and nouns that begin with "r", but from now on if I hear "r-word" I have to assume the person saying it intends to say retard. Its not what you say, or the language you are used to using, it is the world people live in where they hear what they want.

That, is retarded logic.


the "r-word". The "b-word(s)". The "f-word". The other "f-word". The "q-word". The "n-word".

retty soon we are going to run out of letters to identify "bad" words with. Maybe we can then start with the "a1 and a2 words".

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