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August 31, 2008

Time to get green, KC

Kansas City is cleaning up the city, trying to make it a prettier. But instead of “thinking green” and making it more of a pollution-free environment, we are creating more roads that stretch farther.

Why not take what we already have abandoned and build over it? Why don’t we spend money to reuse resources? We could easily create rain catchers or more gardens.

Adam Ungashick
Kansas City


KC news Hound


Isn't it nice to see that our local commentators have a good handle on witless remarks. Of course you are right and with the proper incentives, like a moratorium on new building, areas that are currently blighted could be revitalized with out government hand outs to developers. But hey it's much easier to destroy ideas then it is to have them so ... Rogue and solomon will continue to be the norm in this town. Worthless.


Ungashick, what a handle! Here is a chant for you Ungie and your fellow greenies...Ohmmmmmmmmmm. Now don't you feel ever so much better?!!


Hey Ungashick.....

There are plenty of building lots available on Indepence Ave, Prospect, Troost, Quindaro and in similar "poor" parts of town that would be perfect for you to build your next home.

Usually a letter like this goes by without comment, but who can resist the urge to write the word ungashick?

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