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August 07, 2008

Too complacent about energy

The current popular mantra is, “We can’t drill our way out of it.” Neither can we hybrid, biofuel, wind-energy, solar power, ethanol nor conserve our way out of our national energy mess. The debate is not, as has been framed, an either/or situation. We can, however, gain independence with a combination of technologies.

Realistically, oil and coal will be used for at least 20 to 30 more years despite dreamy goals to the contrary. Clean-energy nirvana is not just a flip of the switch away. So why not use domestic resources rather than foreign?

America’s energy debacle is so critical that we dare not to fall back into complacency as has been the national tendency when energy crises subside. Continuing to send billions of dollars to less-than-friendly countries has economic implications that are catastrophic for our country, our economy and our lives.

Tim Maupin
Overland Park




I've been buying gold for some time and you'll be happy to hear I don't wear any of it.

Invest billions to make billions, of course they do. but you make it sound like the people making the decisions and who'll benefit most from oil under our ground and off our shores give a rats behind about you, me, or the people they employ.


Regardless Sol, it is still a single digit return. They are investing billions to make billions. Most people have never been to refinery or oil rig, I spend many a days onsite with these enitities.
You do realize they provide tens of thousands of jobs, jobs that pay decent and provide good nefeits. Sure, you have the Enrons of the world but that is with any industry or business sector. There is always a crook somewhere looking to screw everyone else. The government recieves the most benefit in the form of windfall profits. The simply take because they can.
Not too many people are complaining about the troy oz price of gold, you think oil companies make profits, your local jewler in many cases making 400-1200% profit on a non-essential product. People can afford gold but not gas. Pathetic. Well time to go to casino and spend some of MY HARD EARNED CASH! Better do it now before Obama and Pelsoi snatch it.


Sol: I believe it is $5,000,000,000,000.00 worth of business.

NoMo likes to conveniently forget that the oil companies "low" level of profits havew made them stock market darlings for decades.

Grocery stores historically have operated at about 1% profit. Yet Walmart jumped in the market with both feet and cut the margin further. I guess the folks running Walmart are just idiots.

I will repeat a maxim in the sales business for encouraging businesses to put in big ticket items at lower margins than small ticket items.

"You can't put a percentage sign in a cash register."



I realize you are much more up to date on these matters than I am. What does a "single digit profit" translate to on $5,000,000,000 worth of business?


I fail to see the benefit of the $18.4 cents per gallon the governmetn scalps then only uses 11.04 cents of that supposedly for highway infrastructure. The remainder for private jets for Pelosi, research on homosexual flies, widget testing, and a few black tie dinners.


Sol the "money they are making" is single digit net returns. You benefit by having products available to you such as gasoline, jet fuels, deisel fuel, tires, plastics, lubricants ( we will need more fo these when Obama gets in the mansion), and a plethora of other petro based products that CAN NOT be entirely replaced with alternatives.
We could always nationalize like China then our standard of living could be equivilant to the Chinese, what a dream that would be.


Those "eveel oil companies", imagine they profit a whole 9 cents a gallon, the $#$%&@$#'s, I think they should just stop selling oil and gasoline to Americans and ship it all overseas...that'll fix 'em, yeah! Besides we can all drive our solar-wind Chevrolets.....Who needs 'em. Oh, yeah and lets kill those dammed "sperculators" while we are at it.

But by the Almighty do you dare drill another oil well anywhere or else!



Engineer would say that all Americans would benefit by the billions the oil companies would pocket. I'm like you, I can't see where I'm doing well of the money they're making now.


Is Tim advocating that we nationalize and ration our as-yet-untapped oil fields, or rather that we give them to the big oil companies to drill and sell oil on the world market? I can't see how we benefit from the latter.


jack - Speculation in the commodities market does play into the price, hence the psychological reasining. If Florida has a bad freeze during harvest do you think OJ prices are affected? Yes.
Same goes for crude. Mr. Pickens has not said drilling is not part of the solution, quite the opposite. He simplt stated ONLY drilling is not the solution. We ALREADY and HAVE BEEN for decades, implementing renewables and alternative fuels. many of you (including Obama) need to get out of your little cubicle metro areas and go drive west and north. Go to west Texas, Wyoming, western Kansas, The Dakotas, MN, you will see the large number of wind farms going up and in place, you will also see only a fraction of the turbines producing.
There is a global consumption problem. I can grant you this, raising taxes on enterprise and punishing the private sector by transferring revenue to unaccounable government will not fix a damn thing. I figure Obama has approx 6 mnths experience as a politician and no industry experience other than being a glorified ambulance chaser. Being a Harvard lawyer does not make a person all knowing. In fact being a lawyer does not set well with many of us.


"Vote the Swedgin'/Bullock ticket"


Ah, a voice of reason. Someone quick! Attack him!

We need the falsehood that drilling in ANWR and the continental shelf will be more than a "psychological solution" to elect McCain.

We need the falsehood that some miracle of non-polluting, virtually free fuel is right around the corner to elect Obama.

The only realistic response to either is a quote I heard on an episode of Deadwood:

"You lie purtier than a $10 whore."

T. Boone Pickens is trying again. There will be a national "Town Hall Meeting" (think McCain will show up?) hell via movie theatres nationwide shortly. It features a group of the most successful people in history talking about what they think we need to do to work ourselves out of the mess we are in.

Billionaires talking about how the country can solve it's problems. Now there is something every true conservativ e should be anxious to participate in!

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