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August 26, 2008

U.S. wastes golden opportunity

As disappointing as it was to see the U.S. collect 15 fewer gold medals than China, American athletes’ performances outside their respective playing surfaces won a far greater portion of my disappointment.

For a three-week window, during which these athletes had the greatest audience listening to their every word, all went silent. American athletes stated that the Olympics were neither the time nor place for politics, referencing the genocide in Darfur.

The Olympics should be the world’s greatest forum. The only thing having no place should be violence. So, whoever started the ruckus in Georgia is really the only one being impolite, but that’s an argument for another day.

The First Amendment allows any one citizen to speak out without having to reflect the opinions of the government, or of all citizens. This is why U.S. athletes missed the golden opportunity to show support for Darfur, having been given the ability to speak out without putting the U.S., as a whole, into any sort of conflict with other nations.

Despite earning 110 medals, the, U.S. failed to succeed in the challenge more important than sport, in which human lives, rather than medals, are at stake.

Michael King
Kansas City



au contrare concemedinkc,


China detained 8 US citizens during the Olympics. Good job on your research before your post though concemedinkc. You seem new to here, like me, but I would imagine that all the regulars already knew about that news


Simple_Jack, if you truly believe China would arrest an American citizen, let alone an Olympic athlete, for something less than stealing or killing, you're a fool.


The first amendment is a wonderful thing, unfortunately, I would imagine that the Chinese Gov't doesn't give a rats ass about it. If our athletes were to express their US first amendment rights in China, well, they could very well end up in a Chinese prison. I am glad the athletes are smart enough not to end up in a Chinese prison


I wonder how Michael King views the silent statement of protest by Tommie Smith and John Carlos 40 years ago.


Michael, why do you want our Athletes to be politicians? Hell, why are you worried about Darfur, the UN is handling that aren't they?

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