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August 05, 2008

Violent act traumatizes kids

Rarely have I been so sickened as I was to read about the Muncie, Ind., man who tried to force his children to stab the family cat and, when that failed, strangled the cat himself (8/2, A-3, “Guilty plea in cat killing”).

Even more horrendous than the act of animal cruelty is what he has done to those children. He could face 18 months in prison for killing the cat. Not nearly long enough, in my opinion. For the indescribable emotional pain he inflicted on a 7-year-old and an 11-year-old, he should be sentenced to life.

Nothing in the article mentioned where the children’s mother was or what she may do for these kids in terms of counseling. I only hope and pray that someone responsible takes good care of their needs, as they’re going to need help getting over this awful incident or be traumatized the rest of their lives.

Cynthia Cassel
Overland Park



You want to see traumatized kids? Try looking into all the mistaken drug raids where SWAT teams invade houses with military assault rifles and shoot the place up. You think seeing a parent shot, or maybe only a dog, might just traumatize the kids.

How about when they stick a gun in a kid's face? All this really happens with some regularity so we can continue waging the idiotic War on Drugs.


Life in prison, Cynthia? A bit harsh even for this J-O. His kids should be taken away, and I guess we just have to pray they don't grow up to be another Edwin Hall.

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