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September 24, 2008

Abortion vs. death penalty

D.A. Duke (9/22, Letters, “Respect life in all forms”) criticized the inconsistency of those who oppose abortion but support the death penalty. What about the opposite stand?

It seems that most abortion advocates oppose the death penalty for convicted criminals, including murderers, yet that mindset is rarely criticized.

Let’s save the innocent and punish the guilty.

Dorothy Grove
Polo, Mo.


Dan Beyer

But "reproductive rights" have been denied to the 48 million murdered so far, for those "rights".


I share your abhorrence of children being harmed.

That’s why I oppose abortion.


Don't confuse the far, far, righties here with facts. They prefer truthiness.


First off, there is no such thing as an "abortion advocate". There ARE those who support reproductive rights just as they are those who support the right to bear arms. Sorry to put a speed bump in your rant but I am in favor of reproductive rights AND the right to keep and bear arms AND the death penalty, especially in crimes against children. And to think I am a liberal consistently voting democratic.

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