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September 01, 2008

Arrowhead naming rights

How can Clark Hunt and the Kansas City Chiefs sell the naming rights to Arrowhead Stadium for their profit? (8/29, A-1, “Chiefs to sell naming rights”).

If I understand correctly, the stadium is owned by Jackson County and managed by the Jackson County Sports Complex Authority. The stadium is leased to the Kansas City Chiefs organization.

If anyone is to make a profit from the naming rights to the stadium, shouldn’t it go to the taxpayers of Jackson County, who fund this stadium through their taxes, and not the Chiefs organization?

All this tax money is paying for the renovations and upkeep of this stadium, yet ticket and parking prices have already jumped since the approval of the renovation tax. Now the Chiefs want to profit further by hoarding the naming-rights money for the stadium?

Something seems fishy here.

Mike Carrothers
Kansas City, Kan.

So Mr. Hunt wants to sell the naming rights to the football stadium to some corporation willing to fork over a ton of money.

Well I have a suggestion for him. Name it after the people who own the stadium and are already forking over a ton of money. Name it Jackson County Arrowhead Stadium.

Eric Weir
Kansas City

Why would anyone in Jackson County give the Hunt family the right to rename Arrowhead stadium? It should and does belong to the taxpayers of Jackson County, and we alone should have a say in the name of our stadium.

The Hunt family should leave it alone. They are making enough money off the Chiefs as it is. If they have to have even more money, then they should think about selling their family name.

I’m thinking “Snickers Stadium” would be good, since that would fit the laughable job they have done with an organization they inherited and can’t seem to figure out how to make successful.

Judy Beyer
Lee’s Summit



Jackson County Taxpayer Field at Arrowhead Stadium does have a nice ring to it.


Because it offers the people who can afford it a chance to be high (on alcohol) for a few hours, while drunkenly screaming at the top of their lungs. Living the American Dream!

On another note, I think they should name the field "Xanax field" and give out free samples to everyone entering, that way they don't care when the Chiefs lose


Why does anyone still go to the games? The cost for parking is to high, the cost for concessions is to high, the cost for tickets is to high, the cost of gas is to high...Why does anyone still go to the games?


Call it the "KY Jelly Arrowhead Stadium."

Stifled Freedom

Another reason why public tax money should not support private sports teams.

How about call it the "Viva Viagra Stadium". We could get a lot of laughs out of that over the years....more entertainment value there than in the team.



I'm not sorry for any vote I've ever cast, not even those for President Bush and Mayor Funkhouser.(although I hate the iraqi war and dislike the Funks wife)


Thkey can call the damn thing Rootin' Tootin' Shootin' Stadium for all I care, just give back the taxes to the Jackson Countians that have paid to support it, and stop taxing us any further for it.

Yeah, right. How many of you nimrods are sorry now you voted for the taz increase for those losers???


Arrowhead will be renamed to something like "Viagra Field at Arrowhead Stadium". This will go to silence all those like the letter writers. Jackson County owns the stadium, but not the field, and that's what they'll attach a name to.

They'll never get away with renaming Kauffman. His name still has too much pull around here. It's easy for the Chiefs, there never was a Mr. Arrowhead.


How about ...Rogue and solomons et al Arrowhead Stadium at the Truman Sports Complex?

I don't care one bit what its called, and the truth is that KC is no different than any other city in America where the selling out to Corporate labels is normal. Did you think it would stop with the Sprint Center?

I can hardly wait for the K to be renamed after an anti-depression drug.

Go Royals and Chiefs, no matter how bad you suck or what the name of your park is.

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