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September 09, 2008

‘Bodies Revealed’ corpses

I am very disappointed to read Union Station CEO Andi Udris’ statement that he knew months ago the body donation forms provided as certification for the origin of the “Bodies Revealed” exhibit corpses were not authentic (8/29, Local, “.‘Bodies Revealed’ form not signed by Chinese donors”).

Udris acknowledges the fraud was verified in March and then hidden from the public until now. This is an inexcusable breach of the public trust, especially in light of the exhibitor’s repeated assertions, in answer to inquiries, that the bodies were knowingly donated. There were public inquiries and concerns during that period, which Mr. Udris has apparently conveniently forgotten for the sake of his little cover-up and the flow of visitor dollars.

The last time I tried the “I forgot to be honest” excuse was in 1964. Sister Rose Agnes at St. Ann’s school in Prairie Village whacked me with a yardstick. I hope the exhibit sponsors have a yardstick available for Mr. Udirs and whack him for betraying their trust and ours.

Kevin L. Neuer


T. Hanson

While I did not go, due to time constraints, I feel this is a betrayal for those that were lead to believe that these bodies were donated to science.
If this is not the case then this display must be banned due to human rights issues.

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