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September 04, 2008

Can hardly wait

It’s September first and Mission’s new smoking ordinance is going into effect. I can hardly wait for the masses of people yearning to breathe clean air as they swamp me with new business. Tomorrow I think I will go ahead and buy the Brooklyn Bridge that guy has been offering to sell to me.

Matt Letourneau
Owner, JJ’s Other Place



Matt Letourneau JJ’s Other Place --- It’s only the beginning Matt! -- The KC Star editorial board and city council continued to depict the smoking ban as health issue without any reference to civil rights when they helped overturn an existing and adequate ordinance in KC. -- I’m sure the Star will be ecstatic to claim some responsibility for what’s occurring in Mission! --- When it was reported KC's voter-approved smoking ban could be altered by our City Council, the Star’s “talking head” Yael Abouhalkah on 9/3/08 reiterated that “politicians especially should not cave in to bars and restaurants that want exemptions from the law.” -- These people and the KC Star abused the system to enact such bans and those bans must eventually be remedied in the same manner! ----- There will not be enough of the reformers or their lemmings to save or supplement your loss of business Matt -- even if you could tolerate their company! --- Good luck!

(The following is my post to the Abouhalkah)

Take a break Yael, come out - enjoy your contribution to KC? -- After you and the Star infringed on their private and property rights to force business owners to ban smoking how many of those establishments are you now supporting or frequenting?
I doubt even non-smoking customers would appreciate your politics or patronage --- but you should identify yourself to be properly “welcomed”????

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