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September 12, 2008

Cards for unwed mothers?

Helen Martinez (9/9, Letters) writes that Hallmark’s gay marriage cards are about sinful lifestyles. On Sept. 7, The Star ran article telling that of U.S. children born to mothers under the age of 30, more than 50 percent are born to unwed mothers (Local, “A slow but seismic shift; Most mothers under 30 are unmarried, and the costs to society are huge”).

I don’t suppose Hallmark has any cards specifically for unwed mothers, but it seems that the churches are quite silent about this huge problem while loudly condemning those few who are homosexual. This is probably because the churches are filled with unwed parents or close relatives of unwed parents.

The worst sin of all is the other person’s sin. If it gets close to home, we don’t want to hear about it.

Vernon Hales


THAT was my foot

Curious... Much was made of the recent debacle of jaime lynn spears' under age pregnancy; many decried the parents lack of involvement including MANY political figures. So now we have the Palins... and their family situation; where were they. I suppose it doesn't matter because they're on the right side, right???


Reread Dan's post. He really isn't "speaking for the whole Christian religion again". But I'll bug out as I am with the "can't we all just get along" crowd in this area.

T. Hanson

Ahhh.. Mr. Beyer speaking for the whole Christian religion again.

"You sir do not know what you're talking about!"

May Peace be with you.

Dan Beyer

The churches are quite silent about the break down of marriage and children being born to single parents?!
Don't you have to go INTO a church to be able to make that claim?!
Many churches and religious organizations are very concerned about that and other problems and are trying to solve them.
You sir do not know what you're talking about!

Pub 17

Yeah, like...like...


One does not have to live in a sinful lifestyle to become a single parent. One moment of weakness can result in the life changing situation.

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