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September 05, 2008

Church and sex abuse

The Catholic Church has finally recognized that it needs to report child abuse when it occurs. This has been brought about by multi-million dollar settlements. The Catholic Church needs to hire an outside management consulting firm, allow women to become priests, and allow priests to marry.

The church now draws its clergy from single males who aren’t interested in having a wife and family. Women candidates are eliminated, married men are eliminated, and that leaves the Church a greatly diminished applicant pool and a clergy that does not share the challenges that its married laity experience.

Under this system the church has placed a diminished importance on child abuse. Having married men and women as priests would not eliminate all abuse, but a bishop with grandchildren would have taken a different approach when dealing with child sex abuse offenders. The church needs to protect those who are least able to protect themselves.

John T Losik


Harry McAleavy

Mr. Losik clearly doesn't understand the Catholic Church. The sacraments cannot be amended at will. Check out The Catechism of the Catholic Church for a little understanding.

Mark Robertson

The claim that the Catholic Church draws its priests from men who aren't interested in having a wife and family is ludicrous and shows the ignorance of the letter writer on the subject. It is a great sacrifice for many Catholic priests to give up marriage and family to answer the calling to the priesthood.
There will never be women priests, and there are already a few married priests who have come from certain protestant ministries. However, there is virtually no chance that the gift of celibacy will discontinue to be a required part of the priesthood for those who enter the vocation in the traditional way
So, non-married men do not realize the evil of child abuse? How insane. The few priests involved in this evil obviously have gotten virtually totally away from the principles of the Catholic Church.
Yes, there has been much denial, and many bishops have acted horribly in dealing with the abuse situation, but the answer is not to retreat from Catholic teachings and traditions, the answer is to boldly proclaim the Catholic faith in the dioceses where that is lacking in various degrees.
As the John Jay report shows, 81% of the abuse situations involved homosexuality, and not pedophilia. Any abuse is obviously evil, but the truth must be faced if problem is to be dealt with.
The dioceses headed by strong bishops who strictly follow the Magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church are thriving and have an abundance of priests sisters and seminarians, and most did not have the abuse problem. Thankyou.

Mark Robertson

Dan Beyer

Now if only Planned Parenthood Inc. would have the guts and principles to report instances of child abuse including child rape by adults.
Not as long as their Top Award Winner, the Star keeps the truth from it's readers.


I wish Losik would have identified himself as a Catholic. Without that I found his opinion baseless.

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