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September 30, 2008

Computers vs. Nature

Regarding many children’s preference for computers vs. nature, (9/24, As I See It, “For many kids, computers are preferred to nature”), this summer I made the decision to eliminate TV/computers from our house. Ultimately, the decision has been beneficial to me and my daughter, as well as other children on our block and entire families within our neighborhood.

Without TV and computers, I no longer depended on technology to babysit my daughter. She and I began taking long walks, marveling at nature along the way. We began talking and our bond grew. We met our neighbors, and soon their children began to join us. We discovered new sights and new friends, introducing neighbors to neighbors, people who lived right next door to each other for years but had not met.

I am not sure we will live the rest of our lives “unplugged,” but for now, the pros outweigh the cons. It was raining this morning as I walked my daughter to school. You can imagine my joy when I heard her exclaim, “I just love the smell of rain,” and watched as she turned and twirled under her bright, yellow umbrella. That is a memory technology could never provide.

Karen Shoemaker
Lee’s Summit



Karen Shoemaker's daughter: Summer sucked this year.

Pub 17

Rogue noses out an acorn for a change.

"Ultimately, the decision has been beneficial to me and my daughter" -- no it hasn't. You've denied your daughter the ability to learn to make choices, unless she's going to get cloistered away until she turns 18. She's going to get hammered in school by kids whose parents have the wisdom and skills to teach them how to use the best tool for the acquisition of knowledge ever invented. Easier for you, vastly worse for her.


My "huh"? was to the letter writer, not BuddyT.

I'm sure I'll have a "huh"? to something he'll say on a different thread.




Don't get carried away Karen, all things in balance.

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