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September 02, 2008

Democrats don’t hate America

Note to David Tritsch (8/28, Letters, “Democrats’ dim view of U.S.”): Democrats don’t hate America, but we are capable of distinguishing between the country and its hired help.

While other fringe-Republican letter writers have mostly been sticking to gentler talking points (Barack Obama has scary friends, he’s “not ready to lead” and Joe Biden’s “boring”), Tritsch rips the mask off demagoguery by questioning the patriotism of those supporting “America-haters” like Obama and Biden.

But here’s the thing: George W. Bush isn’t America. He’s a temporary occupant of the White House, and his policies have indeed gutted the treasury, bludgeoned the middle class and soiled America’s image.

Ignoring these things isn’t patriotism. It’s nationalistic blindness that just makes it more difficult for new leaders to put the country back on track.

Obama is ready to lead. His judgments on Iraq, diplomacy in Iran and putting Afghanistan at the center of counter-terrorism efforts are looking better with each passing day. And since John McCain agrees with President Bush on nearly every issue, it’s difficult to see how marking time in Washington bureaucracies improved his judgment.

Obama’s eager quest to fix what Bush broke with McCain’s blessings is proof enough for me he loves his country.

John Kerr
Lee’s Summit

David Tritsch stated, “Granted, many people are undergoing tough times, but when has government intervention ever helped?”

In the 1920s Republican Presidents Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover ran the country’s economy into the ground. It took Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt to provide the leadership needed to provide a “New Deal” for the American people and a return to economic prosperity.

When Roosevelt took over the presidency, millions were unemployed, businesses were closing, banks were going bankrupt and mortgages were being foreclosed. Sound familiar?

I, for one, am ready to give the Democrats an opportunity to prove that they can once again lead our nation in the right direction.

Joel Kallem
Kansas City

First of all, David Tritsch, I am a Democrat. Secondly, don’t you dare call me an America-hater. I love this country and the people in it. The majority of America’s people work very hard for what they have. Nothing can be taken for granted. We hope and pray each and every day that what we have won’t be yanked out from under us due to poor health or a greedy employer.

Democrats do not want more government. They want better government. They don’t want welfare. They want jobs available so they can give their children the security that you believe is already here. America is not secure. Our jobs are being sent to other countries where there is better education.

But there are alternatives. We need a new leader, not the same type of lousy McSame leadership that we’ve had for eight years. Barack Obama is the Democratic president who will turn this country around.

Michelle Smith
Kansas City



Just how did I do this: "Eng: I thought you, of all people, would never denigrate the sacrifices of decorated veterans."? I was talking of their conduct after their service which, in the referenced incidences, has been abominable. As to Government benefits due to service, the only benefits I have received for service in WWII and some 10 years service in the reserve after that was the ability to shop in the PX and a GI loan. That is possibly beside the point as I was able to care for myself and my family. But you have touched on something that is a matter of great concern to me.


I suppose you now, along with John McCain, don't want to provide our current war veterans with the same benefits you aqnd he received.


Eng: I thought you, of all people, would never denigrate the sacrifices of decorated veterans.

I guess I was wrong.

Pub 17

Or they were sickened by the revolting pigs who have trampled on their honor and service by making the United States into an aggressor nation without standards, without the rule of law, embracing torture, kidnaping, and turning over prisoners to third parties to be brutalized. At the top of the dunghill is the Deserter-In-Chief, George (Oh, I've Been to War) Bush, and Chickenhawk Cheney, who, when it was his time to serve, had "other priorities." Murtha and Kerry and Gore and Cleland serve honorably and see themselves attacked by sniveling cowards who stayed home and now want the privileges of combat without the inconvenience of being shot at. I'm not going to attempt to judge anyone with their service records when they criticize their own.


Pub 17
Whatever their military accomplishments may have been Kerry and Murtha have both attacked the American Military for political gain. There is no other way to explain why Murtha made unjustified, uninformed attacks on the Marines in question. It is unbelievable that any Marine would do such a thing. Apparently Kerry and Murtha would say or do anything to serve what they believe to be either their or their party’s interest.

Pub 17

No, Roogie pretends to be all offended over those who would besmirch the band of brothers, conveniently failing to note that the two people he quotes were there, kicked a$$, and collected medals like bottle caps. Rogue likes to frame the world in terms of who's stood toe to toe with the bad guys and taken one for the team; fine, but HIS heroes are draft dodgers, and the pablum-puking liberals he detests are heavily-decorated war heroes.

Therefore, it sucks to be Rogue. QED.


“You wanna run their medal count against your own to see who's got a right to say whatever the hell they want?” - Pub 17

[Eyes roll]

Rate The Patriot Game. Sheeesh. Everyone has a right to say nearly anything they want. Time in service and medals earned seldom help when defending unfortunate statements.

Pub 17

Down and give me thirty, you sorry pusgut girl scout.


DI? Murtha? Why did he try and convict 6 of his fellow marines before they stood trial then Edith? He is unlike any jar head this grunt ever worked with and in my opinion has dishonored his branch of service. To this date he has not even apologized to the Marines he falsely condemned. Typical, oh so typical Liberal.

Pub 17

...oh, forgot, Murtha was a DI at Parris, you were an officer...


Anytime Dorkwad, any time.....

Pub 17

Kerry and Murtha were also your comrades in the Viet Nam war, dillweed. You wanna run their medal count against your own to see who's got a right to say whatever the hell they want?


Lets see now, perhaps we can all remember:

"They treated prisoners in the manner of Pol Pot, and Nazis, and behaved as if running Soviet Gulags". Democrat Senator Turban Durban, Dem. Ill speaking of our troops holding terrorist scum at Gitmo..

"They raped and pillaged in the manner of Ghengis Khan". Democrat Senator John Kerry speaking of my comrades in the Viet Nam War.

"They were guilty of murder, plain and simple" Democrat Rep. John Murtha, convicting six Marines of murded before trial in Haditha.....Five have been exonerated, one trial pending.

"It is time we had Iragi's terrorizing women and children in the dead of night instead of our troops". Democrat Senator John Kerry again, on Meet the Press.

Hmmm, I guess you can hate the troops but love the country, right guys?

Excuse me while I go laugh out loud somewhere.


OMG, what bilge. It is really rather pathetic when you feel obligated to write a newspaper and proclaim your "love for your country".


Three letters from three terrorists and Democrat whiners.

Welcome to the "no fly list", communists.

McCain/Palin'08!! Continue the Bush revolution!!! FOUR MORE YEARS!!!

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